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Building a Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement for your company is an essential part of operating a business. A mission statement is the driving mantra behind your motivation which translates values to employees and consumers.

Your mission statement should tell the world what your goal as a company is and how you plan to commit to that action, service, or idea. Evaluate your company’s mission regularly to make sure your current values and goals are still in line with your operations.

If you are stuck on creating a meaningful mission statement, we've laid down the road map of how we created ours after recently assessing our values as a team.

Circle R Ranch has operated for over 45 years, hosting private corporate events. Our experience has led to our continued success, and if you look at our history you will find that authenticity has been a founding value from day one.

Core Values

Carefully think about why you are in business and what you aim to serve or provide. Making money is ultimately the purpose of a for profit business. However, if making money is the center of your mission you are set up for failure. Your mission and purpose should be about doing something you truly love that transfers well to your clientele and team. Consider that making money isn’t the end-all be-all if others can’t stand behind what you do as a business or how you operate.

What does your mission say about your company? Find the common denominator of what makes your business tick and use it to define who you are. Is it Commitment? Passion? Service?

When core values are established you should then be specific with answering who, what, when, where, why, or how. For us, the core of our mission is providing Genuine Texas Hospitality, followed up by answering “Who for?” including the 3 staples of our business that we care about most.

The Consumer, Our Guests

Circle R Ranch specializes in private corporate events. It took a lot of grit for the original owner, Alan Powdermaker, to move his family from New York to Texas to build a ranch designed to entertain people. The thousands of guests that visit Circle R Ranch each year are the reason for our existence.

The best way we can describe providing our guests with Genuine Texas Hospitality is through building authentic relationships. We are real with our clients. We want to invite each guest in with a warm welcome and send them home with memories of a great Texas experience.

When reflecting on your consumer base, answer the questions, “What do you want people to know about your business?”, “How do people play a part in your story?”, and “What are you doing for them?” Consider your target market, and carefully choose a statement that appeals to the niche of your business.

The Team, Our Employees

In order to provide Genuine Texas Hospitality to our Guests, we must provide that same level of hospitality to our Employees. Our mission to our employees is to promote a culture of service. We come in with servant hearts and encourage strong servant spirits.

Employee engagement and recognition are valuable tools we utilize to let our team know that they are cared for. We celebrate their successes and growth, encouraging them to reach their personal goals. Investing in your employees on a professional and personal level promotes a higher level of service returned to your clients. We firmly believe that if we take care of our employees, they will in-turn take care of our guests.

Include your employees, partners, and vendors in your mission statement to emphasize their importance. You can use inclusive words such as “We” or “Our” to let employees know that the company’s mission is also their mission. It can be as easy as saying, “Our aim is to…”. If your mission statement has a different format, the most important detail to remember is that it is relatable.


Our business plays an active role in the local community. Many of our events are hosted for local corporate businesses and families. We place a high value on giving back to our community, and we do this in many ways including hosting charity events at Circle R Ranch and supporting local businesses and schools. We participate in recycling programs, food drives, and local philanthropies. In all honesty, these actions are made selflessly, yet thoughtfully, through the legacies of our Owners and the servitude nature of our team.

All businesses should consider their role and impact in their local community and how it can be communicated in a mission statement. The best mission statements are inclusive and transparent. Remember to stay true to who you are.

Our Mission at Circle R Ranch

"We strive to provide Genuine Texas Hospitality to our guests, employees, and community by building authentic relationships, promoting a culture of service, and giving back to our neighbors."

This is who we are and the fabric of our entity.

With your mission statement, reflect on the most important aspects of your business goals and values and those that help make your business successful. Let your actions speak for you and create a mission statement that tells us who you are. Use powerful words and take a direct approach so as not to get lost in a mission statement that is too wordy or vague. Express yourself with intention, and thoughtfulness, and your mission statement will have a meaningful, lasting impact.


About the Author: Ocean Nelson

Former Director of Event Services.

Ocean recently moved on to a new venture but she was an integral part of building our team and creating our mission statement. We loved her ability to motivate and cultivate the potential of our team members. During her time here, she facilitated employee recruitment and training initiatives, incorporating our company's values and culture.


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